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Novaspect has over 50 professionals that are serving and solving our local customer's automation/process control needs. Our staff includes control system engineers, designers, project managers, data integration specialists, site engineers/specialists and energy consultants.





Automation Engineering can:
  • Perform a feasibility study or estimate a project.
  • Replace an obsolete or underperforming legacy control system.
  • Design a control scheme to improve your process quality or throughput.
Automation Services can:
  • Reduce the number of alarms that your operators need to address and optimize the operator actionable alarms.
  • Help you look for opportunities to use your control system to improve your business results.
  • Implement a comprehensive control system maintenance and update strategy to improve the availability and reliability of your control system.
  • Give you access to certified control system specialists available during your typical hours of operation.
Specialty Services can:
  • Tie your control systems to your business systems.
  • Help you face a difficult systems integration challenge.
  • Integrate a wireless plant or instrumentation network.
  • Provide you with an automated workflow system to reduce paperwork and data entry errors.
Asset Management Services can:
  • Fully utilize the benefits of today's smart instrumentation.
Asset Reliability Services can:
  • Implement a predictive maintenance program to extend equipment life and reduce downtime.
Repair Services can:
  • Provide a single repair shop for instruments, analyzers and valves, regardless of manufacturer.
  • Manage asset repair and replacement for your next process shutdown.
Steam Services can:
  • Improve your Boiler Control or Burner Management.
  • Improve management of your steam resource.
  • Improve the stability of your steam system.
  • Help your steam system meet plant reliability and efficiency targets.
Education Services can:
  • Train your operations and maintenance personnel.
  • Provide training on process automation topics or Emerson Process Management products.
  • Help you collaborate with other end users and industry experts in local seminars to address common challenges.
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