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Novaspect’s depth of Pulp & Paper process experience enables engagement with customers early in the project cycle to help assess and  prioritize process automation projects based on a mill’s operational constraints and business objectives.  Mill process performance is optimized by first addressing any mechanical deficiencies, then applying state of the art instrumentation and control technologies, and finally installing process specific optimization and advanced control strategies. All of this is combined into a turnkey solution that is delivered on time with the lowest possible risk and least possible impact to normal production.  
  Pulping Process

Novaspect understands the excessive wear on mechanical devices, the production demands on the paper machine, the chip bin plugging, the inconsistent yields from overcooking and undercooking and the unscheduled outages that occur during the pulping process. Our engineers can provide solutions to these continuous and batch cooking process challenges. We also provide solutions for:

  • Mechanical pulping, TMP and CTMP. Optimizing energy vs. quality curve.
  • Brown stock washers - prevent excessive water consumption, plugging due to poor MC pump discharge
  Bleaching Process

Brightness, viscosity, CEK, chemical usage and yield are important to our customers during the bleaching towers and washer subprocess. We also provide solutions for concentration, chemical consumption and safety for the CIO2 Production and Storage.

  Chemical Recovery Process

We provide solutions for reduced throughput due to poor heat transfer, fouling in evaporators and poor efficiency in the evaporators and concentrators. Other areas for consideration are high energy, fresh steam use and soap contamination which can also cause reduced throughput.

During caustisizing/slaking/clarifying processes, we provide solutions for inconsistent chemical conversion, excessive wear of mechanical equipment due to corrosive and abrasive material or poor consistency in limefeed to slaker. We are familiar with these situations and areprepared to help.

  Paper Mill

We assist in dirt count and brightness in recycle/deinked fiber processes, inventory levels at high density towers. We can also assist grade change time, specific energy, freeness and blend ratio during stock preparation as well as breaks, cost per ton, retention efficiency and throughput during paper machine wet end.

Our engineers can also provide solutions in the following processes:

  • Recycle/deinked fiber
  • High density towers
  • Stock preparation
  • Paper Machine wet end
  • Paper machine dry end
  • Calendars/supercalendars
  • Coating and starch prep
  • Finishing/rewinding/converting

We provide solutions for:

  • Water treatment - dirt count, color and quantity
  • Waste water treatment-discharge quantity, temperature, BOD/COD, dissolved O2, pH, pond levels

We provide improved efficiency, reliability and improved cost solutions for:

  • Power boilers
  • Biomass/Hog Fuel/Multi-fuel boiler
  • Electrical generation
  • Compressed air supply
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