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MRG is a leading professional services company with more than two decades of experience delivering comprehensive, scalable asset management, reliability services and EAM foundational data services to a diverse and illustrious list of clients throughout the world.

MRG's distinctive competence lies at the intersections of two skill sets: reliability engineering and data integrity. While the depth of our mastery in each skill set allows us to serve our clients using them independently, the combination of expertise in both areas enables us to advise from a truly unique perspective and to implement on a truly enterprise scale. MRG's accelerators and services seamlessly join reliability engineering and data integrity to EAM systems projects, greatly expanding value to the client through returns from asset health improvement across the enterprise.

Machinery Reliability (PdM) 
Poorly maintained machinery is a significant cause of unplanned downtime and unplanned safety and environmental events. Emerson Process Management coupled with Novaspect local technical expertise use a full breadth of diagnostic tools, support a diverse industry base, and a wide range of machine types.
Route Based Services (Vibration, Electric Motor Diagnostics, IR Thermography, Ultrasonic, Oil and Grease)

Diagnostics Services (Onsite or Remote Analysis of all technologies)

Corrective Services (Balance, Alignment, Root Cause Analysis,.)

Reliability and Performance Audits (Plant and/or Individual Equipment)

PdM Program Reporting/Tracking (including Data Integration)

Electronic Operator Rounds (for Reliability Inspection)

Online Condition Monitoring Systems (Wired and Wireless)
Remote Asset Monitoring (Wired and Wireless)
PdM Program Development (Reliability Based)
PdM Program Audit (Gap Assessment)
PdM Training Services (On-site, Off-site, Mentoring, Classroom)
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